Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How To: Make A Mold And Make A Hologram Darth Sidious Miniature

DM Lackey
explains how he made it: It is a simple method if you wish to try it. The mold was made from a product called VytaFlex30. It is an easy 1:1 mix and will cure in a day. The plastic I use for the miniature is actually Envirotex Lite, which can be found in any Michael's or craft store. This is a varish that cures clear and hard and is also an easy 1:1 mixture. I gave the miniature a bluish tint by adding a drop of blue food coloring to the Envirotex lite mixture. Envirotex Lite needs at least a good 24 hours to cure hard. I use Universal Mold Release on the main miniature prior to making the mold and then on the mold prior to adding the plastic. Basically this coats the object you are spraying and allows for an easier release when you go to pull the pieces apart.

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