Monday, August 31, 2009

Flying Monkey Demon Dunny

Flying Monkey Demon
custom Dunny by Dustin Cantrell.

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Iron Spider-Man Munny (Marvel Comics)

Iron Spider-Man custom Munny and box Nikejerk made as a commission.

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Jaxxon, Valance the Hunter, Bea Arthur, and other eccentric Star Wars characters

Behemoth from the World Below with Old-One

Ackmena and Krelman


Valance the Hunter

Dragon Rider

A small sampling of the esoteric custom Star Wars action figures by XDarthSinisterX on display here.

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Tupac/Minotaur Tequila

turned Muttpop's Tequila:

into a Minotaur with Tupac's tattoos:

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Bruce Lee Munny (Game of Death)

Bruce Lee custom Munny by Nakanari on sale here.

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Great Tiger action figure (Punch-Out)

Great Tiger custom action figure by joe_of_war.

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Orson Randall/Iron Fist action figure (Marvel Comics)

Orson Randall/Iron Fist custom action figure by gunbuster718.

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Dead Girl action figure (Marvel Comics)

X-Statix member Dead Girl custom action figure by Xysma.

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Joker and Afro Samurai Dunnys

and Afro Samurai custom Dunnys by Howard HowitZer.

*At Super Punch: Afro Samurai desktop wallpapers.

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Super Macho Man and Mr. Sandman action figures (Mike Tyosn's Punch-Out)

Super Macho Man and Mr. Sandman custom action figures by Fugazi.

And here's one more by Fugazi - - The Fridge as a member of G.I. Joe:


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Flatman action figure (Marvel Comics)

Flatman custom action figure by Leo's Customs.

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Superman redesigned action figure (DC Comics)

Superman with redesigned costume custom action figure by Baliscon.

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Circus Dunnys

Strongman, acrobat, and ringleader custom Dunnys by SouthernDrawl.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Military Dunnys

is selling custom military Dunnys for $30 each:
The one shown is just a example. There will be 30 available with 3 chase labbits. The Dunnys will come in United States, Russia, German, British, and Japanese versions. They are totally random and you will not have a choice. They will all vary with colors, rivets, decals/stencils, etc. Once you order they will take 2 weeks from today 8/11/09 to be shipped as I wanna complete them all before I ship. Shipping is $5 in the U.S. and Canada, $8 outside the U.S./Canada. If you buy more than one I will combine shipping. If you have questions feel free to ask me at
Order one here.

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Cy-Gor Mighty Mugg (Spawn)

Cy-Gor custom Mighty Mugg by Rocketboy Customs, who welcomes commissions.

*Previously: Mecha-Gorilla Dunny.

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Taantar Raiders action figures (Star Wars)

Taantar Raiders custom action figures by Chewie.

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Boba Fett Dunny (and more)

New Empire Strikes Back custom Dunnys Blubbel has posted at the Kidrobot forum:

Boba Fett



Hoth Luke

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