Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mars Attacks action figures

Go here to see several custom Mars Attacks action figures by saintsyn. Via.

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Stikfas Bird

Not quite a turkey, but close enough. Stikfas Robin Redbreast by Phil Ashby. Via.

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DIY Vinyl Toys: Hulkbuster Iron Man, Predator, Superman, Spawn Mighty Muggs

A new crop of fantastic customized Mighty Muggs by Jeta Grove Studios - - Hulkbuster Iron Man, Superman, Spawn, and Predator:

I've posted more Jeta Grove Creations here and here. And here's Jeta Grove at MySpace.

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DIY Vinyl Toy Customs with a cause

Dli$h has created several custom toys united by a brushed metal look. The larger pieces are on sale here. Smaller pieces will be on sale at next weeks Vinyl Toy Network show. 25% of the proceeds will benefit the Make A Wish Foundation.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New custom action figures by Jin-Saotome

Flood Elite Combat Form, Gambit, Marvel vs. Capcom 2-Style Spider-Man custom action figures by Jin-Saotome. He typically sells his custom action figures here.

Flood Elite Combat Form by =Jin-Saotome on deviantART

Don' mess with de Cajun by =Jin-Saotome on deviantART

MvC2 Spiderman V2 by =Jin-Saotome on deviantART

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Joker Lego Decal

Joker Lego decal by TriUmp. There are more decals in his Flickr gallery.

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DIY Vinyl Toy: Ultra Iron Stitch

"Ultra Iron" custom Stitch by Ultraman. You can see the back of the toy here.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ares and Iron Man action figures

Two terrific new custom action figures by Rupert "plain_sliced" Valero":

Ares (made from a Sota Street Fighter T Hawk figure, Hasbro BAF Ares accessories, some foamy paper ans some paint touch ups)

Iron Man (made out of a Mattel DCUC Mr. Freeze body, Toybiz ML Cyclops hands, and Hasbro movie Iron Man Iron Monger version 1 head)

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DIY Vinyl Toy: Ornate Dunny

A Dunny pretending to be a mushroom by Leah Palmer Preiss. Via.

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DC Comics Characters as Lego Minifigs

DC's Manhunter,Mad Hatter, Ra's Al Ghul, and Killer Frost as customized Lego minifigs by Julian Fong.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

New custom toy by Doktor A.

These three vinyl figures unite to form "Mr. Tristan's Magnificent Electric Portal," the latest custom vinyl toy from Doktor A. Via.

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Designer Vinyl Toy: More Stitch Photos

Here's a gallery full of photos of custom Stitch toys. I believe the two I've posted here are by Brent Nolasco and Scribe. Via.

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DIY Vinyl Toy: Monster Dunny

Custom Monster Dunny by Nguyen Duong.

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DIY Vinyl Toy: Frankenstein Munny

Custom Frankenstein Munny by Larissa Meek.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

DIY Vinyl Toys: Experiment 626 Project Custom Art Tour

Here's photos of a few of the custom Stitch toys that will be on display starting November 28 in Hong Kong as Disney’s Stitch Experiment 626 Project Custom Art Tour.

By Angry Woebots.

By Newkon.

By Phoeneticcontrol.

You can see several more photos here and here.

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