Sunday, January 31, 2010

Samurai Wolverine action figure

Samurai Wolverine custom action figure by Shinobitron. The base figure is a SNL John Belushi.

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Odin and Porcupine action figures

Odin and Porcupine custom action figures by Stanjoker. These figures, as well as the custom Anti-Venom I posted earlier today are on sale at eBay.

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De Plume design contest

A few of my favorites from the DIY de Plume Design Contest:

Rinn de plume by pollyanna.

Nom di Sciple by hR.

Experience 14 by BFLV.

Death De Plume by Chris Fuller.

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Bertie containers

Custom Bertie containers by Rsin and Expathos. The slot on the top Bertie is because Rsin turned it into a piggy bank.

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Monsters and demons

Monstrous Munnys and Dunny by Allan.

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Anti-Venom action figure (Marvel Comics)

Anti-Venom custom action figure by Stanjoker.

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