Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Geisha Hello Kitty Munny by Huck Gee

Geisha Hello Kitty Munny by Huck Gee.

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Dark Knight Joker Lego minifig

Dark Knight Joker Lego minifig by TriUmp.

*Previously: John McClane Lego minifig decal by TriUmp.

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Tattooed Munny (and more)

A small sampling of the custom vinyl toys on display at João Silva's site.

*Previously: Prosthetic tattoo.

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Ringmaster by Doktor A.

Ringmaster by Doktor A. for the show I previously mentioned.

*See more customized Doktor A. toys here.

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Bunny Munny

Bunny Munny by Sharon Bell, who has various items on sale at Etsy.

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Megatron Dunny (Transformers)

Classic Megatron custom Dunny by NikeJerk.

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Warhammer 40K: Wolf Guard miniatures

Space Wolves miniatures by Arastoru.

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