Sunday, May 31, 2009

Aurra Sing Lego minifig

Aurra Sing Lego minifig by tbone_tbl, who used decals created by others, as described at the link.

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Invisible Woman Mighty Muggs

Invisible Woman Mighty Muggs by Are-Jay.

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Donnie Darko Munny by Hulsey

Donnie Darko Munny by Chris "Hulsey" Lynn.

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How to dehead and deface Dunnys

Lots of tips here for removing paints, head, and arms from Dunnys.

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Mechanized Rough Rider (Warhammer 40K)

Rough Rider Servitor. See more finished photos here, and see how it was made here.

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X-Force Warpath action figure (Marvel Comics)

X-Force Warpath custom action figure by 13customs.

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Metal Gear 2 Russian Soldier toy design

Rohby's last custom toy was Solid Snake, and now he's posted the design for a figure based on the Russian special forces soldier from Metal Gear Solid 2.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Munny mobile

Custom Munny Mobile spotted at Flickr.

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Submarine under tentacled monster attack Dunny

Submarine under tentacled monster attack Dunny by nael. Wow.

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Heavily tattooed Stikfas singer

Heavily tattooed Stikfas singer by Stikcustomizer.

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Anubis Munny

Anubis Mini Munny by ~mesmithy on deviantART

Anubis Munny by Megan.

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Custom vinyl toys on sale at The Dirty Cream

A few of the custom designer vinyl toys on sale at The Dirty Cream. The many-eyed Dunny is by Grapheart. The lingerie-wearing Munny is by LOEILPARToO. The black and white Munnys, Teddy Troop, and Chaos Monkey are by Pandacrew. If the other artists have official sites, I couldn't find them.

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Master Chief/Warthog Transformer (Halo)

Master Chief/Warthog Transformer by James Bowen:
Up for auction is the second incarnation of the Master Chief Transformer I made a few months back. This time, I managed to find an undamaged Actionclix Warthog, so I was able to use the whole body of the vehicle with a bit of adjusting. The windshield is also clear this time, and folds into the back section when transformed (more pictures detailing the back sides and transformation will be uploaded later). Includes a Spike Grenade, Sniper Rifle, Chaingun turret, Custom stand, and Display box.

The figure itself stands 6" tall. It is made mostly of an Actionclix Warthog, McFarlane Master Chief, and Transformers Universe Hound. The three base figures can be seen in one of the pictures posted for those who wish to try and make their own. When in vehicle mode, the wheels turn and the turret can rotate. While in Chief mode, it has good articulation for its size with ball joints in the neck, shoulders, and hips with pin joints being in the wrists, elbows, waist (up & down), knees, and ankles. Bicep and calf swivels are present as well Paint is applied with Testors Model Master over three coats of black automotive primer with a matte clear coat, and does not chip due to moving or transforming. Paneling was done with a dark grey Gundam Marker. Custom decals were made for the figure, and may be applied if the buyer wishes. Decals consist of the USMC logos and the Halo 3 logo with the Autobot symbol in the center.

The Stand is a Gundam Action Base painted in the same colors as the Warthog and has custom printed decals applied. Arm can be adju5sted and repositioned to accommodate many poses. The Display box is clear plastic with a printed background scene.

Also included is one unassembled papercraft model of the Warthog.
On sale at eBay.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Darth Maul and C3PO Mummy Boys

Darth Maul and C3PO custom Mummy Boys by by Lee "Leecifer" Gadja.

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Power Pack custom action figures (Marvel Comics)

Power Pack custom action figures. Learn how they were made at Warrack's Customs.

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Asajj Ventress action figure (and more)

Asajj Ventress, Skeletor, Yellow Lantern, and The Spot - - a few of the custom action figures by Dark Tails on display here.

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Laid back Munny

Munny with a beanie and goatee by Darren Rochford.

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