Monday, December 29, 2008

DIY Vinyl Toy: Venture Brothers Dunny

This is actually a few years old, but new to me - - Dr. Venture pilots a Dunny customized by Jackson Publick/Christopher McCulloch. Via.

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DIY Vinyl Toy: Darth Revan and Ewok Munnys (Star Wars)

Custom Darth Revan and Wicket/Ewok Munnys by Stephane Petrin:

Star Wars Darth Revan MUNNY by ~ibentmywookiee on deviantART

Star Wars WICKET Ewok MUNNy by ~ibentmywookiee on deviantART

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My Little Pony/Wookiee

Custom My Little Pony/Wookiee by Mari Kasurinen

My Little Chewbacca by ~Spippo on deviantART

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Sale at Tenacious Toys [Sponsor]

Site sponsor, and one of my favorite toy sites, Tenacious Toys is currently having a sale of 20-50% off almost everything (including the Amanda Visell Dunny you see above):

Baseman Hot Cha Cha Cha Pink: $79.95
DC Direct Dark Knight Joker 1:6 Scale figure: $75.00
Kid666 by Nada'One & Toy2R: $80.00
Touma 18" Red Crest Knuckle Bear: $89.99
Ledbetter Smash Brown: $49.95
Mad Barbarians Shake-a-Tongue: $2.99
Most Dunnys reduced in price
Adult Swim figures starting at $4.95
MIST Debilz starting at $5.50
MADLs starting at $19.99
Star Wars Mighty Muggs: $18.95
$5 or $10 off all Mimobots
Captain Maxx 2008 Edition: $29.95
Martin Ontiveros Booska Kaiju: $34.95
Mars-1 Observer Delta Inc: $39.95
Vivisect Playset figures starting at $5.50
Med Fed Dolly Red Devil variant: $64.95
Touma Slither Green" $34.95
and many, many more items reduced in price!

And don't forget to visit Tenacious Toys in person at NYCC booth 867 to say hi and take advantage of more deals they'll be offering there.

Designer vinyl toys by Tabun Studio

K-OS Theory vinyl toys at Tabun Studio.

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Kaneda action figure (Akira)

Kaneda, Hulk, Havoc, Callisto and Avalanche custom action figures by Kyle Robinson:

Kaneda Custom Akira Figure by =KyleRobinsonCustoms on deviantART

Custom MvsC Hulk Revisited by =KyleRobinsonCustoms on deviantART

Custom Havok Refurbished by =KyleRobinsonCustoms on deviantART

Custom X-Men Callisto Figure by =KyleRobinsonCustoms on deviantART

Custom Avalanch Refurbish by =KyleRobinsonCustoms on deviantART

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

DIY Vinyl Toy: Steampunk Scientist Munny

Evil steampunk scientist and damaged robot Munnys by Number09.

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DIY Vinyl Toy: Scrimshaw Munny

Custom "plaguewielder" Munny by MRC. Looks like scrimshaw to me.

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DIY Vinyl Toy: Teddy Troops for sale

Here's a few of the custom Teddy Troops on sale at Immortal Beloved (links below are to artists' sites):

By James Yeah?.

By Charles Rouse (I think).

By Ian Ziobrowski.

By Daniel Elson.


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