Friday, June 27, 2008

Buy a Bee Munny to support the Phoebe Washer Foundation for the Arts

I'm going to quote the entire email I just received from Huck Gee:
Phoebe Washer: How well do you remember?

In April of this year, the local art community lost a very talented young lady to a tragic hiking accident in the Marin Headlands. Phoebe Washer was at the beginning of what I suspected would be a very prosperous and wonderful art carreer...

Phoebe's parent's Drew and Jack are friends of mine and they along with Phoebe had helped set up a show of mine in their Boomerang gallery in Petaluma a few years back. I had the pleasure of meeting Phoebe several other times over the years and had always been amazed with the potential in this girl..I saw hints of greatness in her and her talent touched and inspired my own works.

I'm not very good with tragedy... who is.... but I was absolutely crushed when I heard the news. The world lost an amazing individual that fateful day...

The POVevolving Gallery & Print Studio in Los Angeles will host a retrospective of Phoebe's work opening on July 5 and running through July 30. The exhibition is titled "Phoebe Washer - How Well Do You Remember?" All of the art is also viewable online here: How well do you remember?

A limited edition print set will be available at the show and on (For those unable to attend, Drew mentioned that another exhibition of Phoebe's work is planned for September in Petaluma.)

From the POVevolving Gallery:

It is with a deep and profound sadness tempered with gratitude and pride that we would like to announce "How Well Do You Remember?", a retrospective of the works of Phoebe Stewart Washer. Phoebe was at the beginning of a very promising career when her life was cut short by a tragic accident. She was a gifted, essentially self-taught artist whose works show a depth of feeling and spirit rare in someone so young.

We are grateful and proud to have the opportunity to showcase her work in a show at the POVevolving Gallery in Los Angeles. The show will feature a number of paintings and sculptures by Phoebe Stewart Washer. In addition, we have invited a number of artist friends including Attaboy, Huck Gee, Will Smith, Todd Barricklow, Leigh Barbier, David Best and Phoebe's special protege Stella Brown and many others to create pieces specifically to benefit the newly formed Phoebe Washer Foundation for the Arts.

My own piece for the show is titled BizumbleBee. Inspired by Phoebe's own BeeKeeper's works... I'll never forget you, Phoebe. RIP

I am pricing this one-of-a-kind little fella at $1000 with all the proceeds benefiting the newly formed Phoebe Washer Foundation for the Arts. If anyone is interested, please attend the opening and/or contact the gallery directly:

Evel Knievel Visighost

Spotted at Flickr.

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Designer Vinyl Toys: Munnys with unusual eyes

Multi-eyed Munny by Brian.

Giant-eyed Munny by Nicci Bard.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How To: Turn a character sketch into a sculpture

Steve Talkowski has posted lots of useful tips - - in this photo you can see he used a cardboard cutout for reference, and wrapped the thicker wire with thinner wire so the super sculpey would have something to stick onto. He also made some mistakes along the way, so click through for more sculpting tips.

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How to paint a Munny

Simon Daoudi has posted a bunch of in progress photos here.

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Action Figure: Marvel Legends Deadpool, Super Hero Squad Deadpool by Kyle Robinson

Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool by =KyleRobinsonCustoms on deviantART

Super Hero Squad Deadpool by =KyleRobinsonCustoms on deviantART

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Marvel Select Action Figure: Dr. Doom, Sorcerer Supreme

Custom action figure by resipsaloquitur. Via.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Interview with M. "Slobot" Heisler

Toycyte landed an interview with M.Heisler, who combines vinyl toys and found objects to make Slobots. That's his Bart Simpson Slobot above. Head over to learn about his artistic training and future projects.

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Warhammer 40K: The Emperor's Cutest

A dramatic photo by El Dave:
Before you ask, yes that is a poorly painted bunny on his shoulderpad. Some Space Marine Chapters take names like the Ultramarines, Blood Angels, White Scars, Blood Drinkers, or what-have-you, but my Chapter is named the Emperor's Cutest. Their Chapter symbol is a smiley sun face (think the Raisin Bran box) and his right shoulder identifies him as a member of the Fluffy Bunnies squad.

Scenery: Papercraft buildings, spaceships

Lots of designs can be downloaded here. Via.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lego Zombies

By Andrew Bell and Dyzplastic. These are 19" tall.

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