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Big Daddy Trexi (Bioshock)

Big Daddy custom Trexi by Doug LaRocca.

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Munny in a sweater

Boy in a sweater Munny by Matthew Plater.

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Walt Disney Vinylmation

Walt Disney custom Vinylmation by Michal Miszta.

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Inspector Gadget, James Bond, Green Hornet and more Mighty Muggs

Custom Mighty Muggs completed for a charity auction not open to the public:

Inspector Gadget, Robotman, and Super Grover by Mark "Chicken Chow Main" Smythe

Jed Clampett and Hark (?) by Cody Courmier

James Bond, Hulk, and WWII Captain America by Fuller Designs

Lucy, Robot, and Iron Patriot by Fried Golden Productions

Mike Nelson from Sea Hunt, Suitcase Iron Man, and Whiplash by Matt. The Iron Man and Whiplash set is on sale at eBay.

Genie, Rogue, and Cyclops by Pikey Customs

Green Hornet, Angel, and Spawn by Rocketboy Customs

Lone Ranger, War Machine, and Boba Fett by Sid.

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How to weather symbols on miniatures

Here's some handy tips on how to weather symbols on miniatures. There's also a good step by step painting tutorial for the Ultramarine Omega symbol.

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Pessism by Squink!

turned an IWZL into the vessel of pessimism. It's on sale here.

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