Saturday, January 12, 2008

Custom Action Figure: Gotham By Gaslight Batman

Just one of many outstanding custom 1:6 scale action figures by Steven Spenser Ledford. You can read a feature on him here:
Ledford first begins a figure by sculpting the head, which can take anywhere from eight to sixteen hours. "When doing real people I pay special attention to sculpt the character they portray and not just the likeness of the actor," he adds. Next, he chooses the appropriate body for the figure. "I usually use a standard Dragon body, (which) in my opinion, is the most adaptable and inexpensive," says Ledford. He also says he's changes the body structure to better match the character when necessary.

Next comes the fabric outfit or costume. "This is the most time consuming of the process with looking in fabric stores or over hundreds of clothes at thrift shops trying to find the correct color, texture, weight, or pattern. Some times I print my own fabrics in various ways (as) the correct fabric can make a good figure into a more realistic and natural super figure," he says.

Finally, here's the Wikipedia entry on Gotham by Gaslight.

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