Saturday, February 15, 2014

Robot with railgun

Filbot FDV4 Mako with Railgun by countersunk81. (Filbot.)

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"Zara Craft" diorama

Zara Craft diorama by Agent Venom. (GoH miniatures.)

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Cyborg gorilla action figure

Cyborg gorilla custom action figure by David Soper (Infamy Miniatures).

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Udon-style Taskmasker action figure (Marvel)

Udon custom action figure by ferrytalecustoms.

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She-Venom action figure (Marvel)

She-Venom custom action figure by TextureMe on sale at ebay.

Captain Marvel action figure (Marvel)

Captain Marvel custom action figure by 1andonly5711 on sale at ebay.

Broo action figure (Marvel)

Broo custom action figure by Wings.

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Hellfire Club Soldier action figures (Marvel)

Hellfire Club custom action figures by loosecollector.

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Cyber action figure

Cyber custom action figure by loosecollector on sale at ebay.

Flash Thompson/Agent Venom action figure

Flash Thompson/Agent Venom custom action figure by AW Custom Designs.

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The Black Flame action figure (Hellboy)

The Black Flame custom action figure by scarecrow studios.

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Moon Knight action figure (Marvel)

Moon Knight custom action figure by TheJ0aker.

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Cable custom action figure (Marvel)

Cable custom action figure by binoytoys.

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Cyber custom action figure (Marvel)

Cyber custom action figure by Shinobitron.

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Multiple Man action figure (X-Men)

Madrox custom action figure by loosecollector.

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Maverick action figure (X-Men)

Custom Maverick figure by Shinobitron.

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Custom Turbo figure from Wreck-It Ralph

Repainted Turbo Funko figure by Turbotastique.

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Lion-riding Space Marines (Warhammer 40k)

Stormtalon Storm Lions.

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