Monday, February 16, 2009

Visitor Shock Trooper (from V) action figure

From the television show V, a Visitor shock trooper custom action figure Bluddmajor.

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  1. Why could'nt they have produced these action figures 25 years ago when "V" was actully running, the merchandising would have been an unbelieveable money spinner, I for one would certainly have bought all the figures. This "V" custom figure is fantastic,It's the first one I've ever seen & beleive me I've been looking for years, And tried without much success to create my own over the years, More I Say lets have more

  2. Thanks for posting this, I am the creator of this custom. I made 8 more, I did Martin, Diana, John, a Visitor Security trooper, an officer with a torn face, Pamela, Donovan and Ham Tyler. I sold all of these on eBay, so I dont have them anymore, but I still have the pics from all of these if anyone wants to see them. They were a blast to make and I was a bit overwhelmed at the positive response I got from them. Anyway, thanks again,

    1. Too bad you don't have any more(did u also have Brian), b/c i would've bought some once I got my money for my report card for high school, but i would like to see the pics, u can e-mail them to