Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to make a Vault Boy Munny (Fallout)

In this video Chris Furniss shows how he used sculpey and paint to make a Vault Boy Munny:

Making a Custom Mini Munny Vault Boy from Chris Furniss on Vimeo.

Also by Chris:
Moogle Munny (Final Fantasy)
Big Daddy Munny (Bioshock)

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  1. Man love the video cool tut, still i didn't get the web page. keep on the good vid. i would love to see an advance tips of yours on the munnys

  2. very good tutoral. thanks alot! make more tuts!

  3. hey can you make a how to make a moogle munny? Cause I really love it so much and I wanna make one for my girlfriend that I plan to marry soon. I have issues with the super sculpty