Monday, May 3, 2010

Sugar Skull Munny by The Beast Brothers

**Coming Sunday, May 9th at 12pm EST to The Beast Brothers' store:
"Rest in Beast" is the latest custom 8" MUNNY from The Beast Brothers series. Dedicated to their good friend Pablo Perro, this Day of the Dead figure is 100% hand crafted and comes with a complete altar setting for display. Limited to 10 pieces worldwide.
Each figure includes:
- 8" painted MUNNY
- Hand sewn tuxedo jacket with shirt and tie and custom skull button
- Gold pocket watch each featuring a unique time depending on what number your custom is (1:10 is the same as 1/10, 2:10 is 2/10, etc.)
- A hand crafted wood box coffin featuring lazer etched exterior, lined pink satin interior, and accessory drawer
- 3 miniature glow in the dark 'sugar skulls'
- 1 clay pot direct from Mexico City
- 5 pieces of chopped paper designed by The Beast Brothers
- 2" x 3" picture frame with memorial photo
- 1 'lighted' Tea candle

You can see more photos here, and see more by The Beast Brothers here.

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