Thursday, April 30, 2009

Custom Wolverine toys

In honor of the release of the Wolverine movie, here are my favorite custom Wolverine action figures and vinyl toys. Where applicable, the links are to the posts where I previously featured the toy.

Wolverine Munny

Wolverine Munny

Wolverine Munny

Wolverine Mighty Muggs

Age of Apocalypse Wolverine Mighty Muggs

Wolverine Qee

Berserker Wolverine

Wolverine/Batman mashup

Wolverine/Hulk mashup

Alex Ross-style Wolverine

My Little Pony Wolverine

Zombie Wolverine

Skrull Wolverine

Heavily-damaged Wolverine

Mignola-style Wolverine

*See more custom action figures here.

*Buy custom action figures at eBay.

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