Thursday, May 29, 2008

Iron Man Stikfas

Two custom Stikfas by "metal Zi."

*Find a huge selection of Stikfas at Entertainment Earth.

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  1. how much would you sell this for??
    i know this post was 2 yrs ago but
    i need to know if it is anyway possible for me to purchase iit
    my boyfriend and i are planning on getting married some day
    I am young and dont want to rush into things
    but i know for i fact that were going to spend the rest of our lives together
    and i want to propose to him before he proposes to me.
    i want to do it when we are 22. (few yrs from now)
    so i would like to know if its for sale
    because i would pay as much as i could give for this
    so i could propose the way i want to, which has something to do with this specific stikfa.
    so please write back
    i would appreciate more than you could know
    thank you bunches
    -KarolAn G.

    ps. my email is